A Scene from an Unknown enlightenment and Luminous Land.
Noticing the details, light, shapes, colors, textures, people, trees and flowers. Everything around me looked bright and different.

A stunning girl, blinded by the Light. A Solar Eclipse in roughly equal colors and proportions. Some of its energy is reflected and some are absorbed.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

Pris Stratton is a "basic pleasure model" (incepted on St. Valentine's Day). She was created on February 14, 2016, making her 3 years and 9 months old by the time of the film. She is the second oldest replicant after Roy. She meets and becomes friends with J. F. Sebastian. Pris is also the girlfriend of fellow replicant Roy Batty. At an A Physical Level, she is shown to have superhuman endurance (as in the scene where she grabs a boiling egg with her bare hand without harm). Her B Mental Level puts her at a lower intellectual level than Roy but higher than Leon. She sets a trap for Deckard in the Bradbury Building, where she disguises herself as a mannequin and uses her gymnastic skills to ambush Deckard; however, she is retired by Deckard.